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We at Consult Team Group LLC are all about new beginnings…..offering practical, efficient strategies for immigration, accounting, tax planning, property management, administration and insurance for clients aiming to start a new life or business in the U.S.

To this end, we wanted to give our Miami offices a fresh environment designed to foster employee innovation and inspire clients to look ahead with confidence…..a strikingly modern ambience that is sleek and cutting edge yet inviting.

Front and center in our meeting rooms is the elegant Vital Plus, distinctive tables that maximize versatility with movable panel systems to change surface size and shape as needed with a longitudinal screen in the middle to separate work areas and offer privacy.

The desks are flanked by six TNK 500 chairs, upholstered in pistachio with stylish chrome accents– along with the simpler, ultramodern Ikara visitor chair - in warm shades of cinnamon and orange, which lend contrast and vitality to the overall look.

These award-winning chairs are carefully constructed with environmentally sustainable materials, and ergonomically designed for premium safety, comfort and back health.

The result?

A dynamic workspace that represents the company mission and inspires interaction, innovation and trust. Simple, progressive and incomparably elegant.

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